Historic Route 66 through Arizona

Route 66 can trace its history back to the late 1920s, when it was first proposed and described. However, only in 1938, the road was completely paved from the east beginning of Chicago, Illinois, to the western end of Santa Monica, California, after 2450 miles. Of course, the route can travel either to the east or to the west, although the majority of travelers from 66 preferred to govern from east to west as it did something & # 39; I Zhoada in the famous literary work of John Shteynbeka "Grapes of Wrath".

Unfortunately, Route 66 began to be replaced in 1960 with new interstate highway bypassed many small towns and have been completely removed from the interstate highway system in 1985. However, in part to many Route 66 organizations of small town chambers of commerce, enthusiasts and historians many refused to give him death. Over the past 25 years there has been a new resurgence of ancestral tourism, which again increased the interest in the preservation of this wonderful piece of American history and nostalgia of Route 66.

Sometimes it is called "Parent expensive", "Main Street America" ​​or "Chauvry Rold-Rogers." The route passes through eight different states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Let's take a closer look at Arizona.


Going west, Arizona is the 7th minute with 8 states and 66 route is 401 miles from border to border. It boasts some of the most beautiful scenery, a few unique as binding institutions, the highest elevation and the longest continuous highway 66 all the way.

Geographically live in Arizona meteor crater, petrified forest and painted desert. These sites let you get some incredible opportunities for photographs, but also the opportunity to explore and hike to these natural attractions.

About 75 miles into Arizona, past both the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, a city of Holbrook. Home to the monastery of Wigwam Village, most Route 66 travelers look forward to sleeping in tepie, and many cite this landmark as a main place of his trip. Further west is Joseph City, the Mormon institution, founded in the late 1870s. In Joseph City is the famous Jackrabbit Trading Post. One of the most famous sites with the signature of Route 66 – a famous billboard that exclaims "HERE IS", located on the trading post Jackrabbit.

Further west past Meteorskaga crater and cities to "stand" on the corner "Winsley extinct two guns, abandoned arrow twins and" do not forget "Winona lies the city of Flagstaff. Flagstaff & # 39 is the home of the famous Lowell Observatory, as well as with the & # 39 is the gateway to the Grand Canyon, located in the hour drive to the north. Canyon deserves a trip from 66 to display one of the eight wonders of the world. If you are most likely can get access to the amazing Grand Canyon through the railway Grand Canyon from Williams is only 30 miles to the west from Flagstaff. Between Flagstaff and Williams lies Brannigan peak. At an altitude of 730 feet above sea level is the highest point of elevation along the route Rt. 66.

15 miles west of Williams is Ash-Wilk, the capital of the flag. Close to Ash Fork you can say goodbye to I-40, if you start the longest continuous highway 66 all the way. Do not forget to stop at the entrance to the legendary snow cap in Seligman and exciting department store in Hackberry before arriving in Kingman. Here you will find many still business establishments catering to the Route 66 traveler including a very well done museum.

Be sure to leave Kingman, while you still have the light of day, because you're not going to miss the incredible scenery that ahead if you will be traveling across the bridge and hairpins on Black Mountain forward. Atsman waiting, like many wild lopy who called the house of an old mining town. Be sure to check out the historic hotel Atman, where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard honeymooned.

Leaving Atmena, you can make a quick trip to Laughlin Nevada casino and try your luck, or you can continue the route Golden Shores, Topock and get back on I-40 to cross the powerful Colorado River in California.

Absolutely – Chandler can be an ideal investment property

With the influx of new residents Chandler homes for sale are in great demand, and the city now offers a wide range of new homes to accommodate the growing number of people, and everyone – from inexpensive prices for family homes in the range of USD 300 000 to the elite estates offers the best for southwest style living and great features, such as anthropogenic front part, outdoor kitchen and beautifully landscaped properties. Home courses are also common and available in a wide range of styles around Chandler.

Chandler was founded as a ranch in 1890, which belonged to Dr. Alexander John Chandler, the namesake of the city. With slow growth throughout most of the 20th century, Chandler was in a period of rapid expansion in the 1980s, when the tourism industry in Arizona grew. The city also became a high-tech manufacturing center as a result of high-tech boom Phoenix.

The natural beauty of the mountains in Chandler on the outskirts of metro Phoenix is ​​protected by a network of local parks and next to a park Sound Mountain, which is often referred to as the largest urban park in the world, which has almost 17,000 hectares of beautiful desert mountain preserve land.

Real Estate in Chandler – a wise choice for creating an excellent basis for strong financial results. Real estate, of course, continue to & # 39 is the largest and most proven method of getting rich. Only the fact that you own a home, does not guarantee a positive outcome. However, if you choose a simple community to buy, this is really the best way to start building wealth in this country.

Chandler is still a fun and affordable on the market. Do you have a lot of variety; family homes, houses in the city, apartments and luxury homes. Property values ​​also continue to hold their own, and in the best areas, these values ​​continue to rise.

Despite the fact that sales can be reported as sluggish, Chandler still presents great features surroundings, great value for the money the buyer and home values, which will continue to increase in the coming years.

Where to park your RV in Arizona

Great natural attractions and amazingly beautiful scenic views – all in Arizona. There you can see the perfect blend of history and tourism, which opens the way for more visits to people around the world. Signalizavanyya Arizona attractions such as the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, highly supported by both the economic as well as for tourism. Some of the attractions state – baked deserts, snow-capped peaks, the village of indigenous people and the city itself. You will enjoy this adventure, while you are doing a variety of leisure activities such as golf, hiking and nature. Let the sun shine on you and embrace the cool air that cleans every inch of your skin if you are savoring their final rest in Arizona.

In Arizona, many beautiful campgrounds, but I wrote to those who led the list of visitors. Get to know them in more detail:

Railway Park R. Grand Canyon– You can never have enough of Arizona, until you visit the Grand Canyon National Park. Make explosion with bald eagles, coyote, otter, raccoon, American river otter, mule expensive, bobcat, big horned sheep. The uniqueness of the wildlife scenario Grand Canyon made him one of the most famous national parks in the world. It is also strongly recommended to stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan Park Grand Canyon for full access to the Grand Canyon. Facilities for the wheels are generally provided park and you can spend sightseeing and recreational activities for both young and old.

Happy Trails RV Park and Golf Resort– The park is located just outside Phoenix, where golf – the most favorite holiday, and sports. In the happy trail has all the amenities that you need to look at the site. You never Stamitz spending time with family & # 39; it engaged in water activities such as sailing, water skiing and fishing, are available as close to happy trails. It should also be aware that this park is highly recommended for adults.

Navajo National Monument, RV park-Atrymaytse good and exceptional search history against Indian citizens in Navao National Park. Get to know their culture and traditions, relax and have lived well in the RV park. Historical scenarios, such as exhibitions Navajo Code Talker, pre Pueblon National Monument Navajo trading post and Kayenta, will satiate your hunger cravings for social history. Local Navajo guide, some groups of people on tours of the valleys on the rocks.

Camping State Park, Alamo Lake– is located approximately 40 miles along the road through the desert, ideal for fishing in warm water. In this park there are also different kinds of animals and plants. Never miss loneliness or romantic experience vigilant in Lake Park Alamo, where a bright light far away from major urban areas. If you want to get away from civilization, the state park Alamo Lake – the best place for you.

Holbrook Petrified Forest KOA– Let's go to the archaeologically fascinating petrified logs and some footprints preserved dinosaurs. Here, too, there are some historical sites such as the Navajo and Gandbel Trading Post, where antiques live.

Top 10 holiday destinations in Arizona

Colorful desert drives, water sports, skiing, hiking, reviews of places, professional sports and camping – it's just the tip of the iceberg of what can be done in an excellent state of Arizona, which offers one of the most diverse landscapes in the United States. Select the top 10 tourist attractions while relaxing in Arizona, at least, is very difficult. During a trip to Arizona, you must purchase a detailed map of the area you plan to visit, because in the desert of Arizona has a lot of hidden treasures.

Below is a list of the biggest attractions that can offer Arizona. It is necessary for you to be ready, if you plan to travel on the excellent condition. Queries American life usually allows us only as annual vacation that you will still be subject to change throughout the entire stay. But if for some reason you have a few weeks, with whom you have to work, while traveling through Arizona will not be lacking.

1. Grand Canyon National Park – Grand Canyon speaks for itself; it is an honor and joy to Arizona. The Grand Canyon is located in the northwestern part of the state. Single on the Colorado River over millions of years. One of the natural wonders of America's first national park, it is one thing to see in his lifetime; it is also one of the seven wonders of the world. Rafting, hiking, and submerged speed on the western edge – a good snack … just a few. Located near the Grand Canyon, do not forget to check out the reindeer farm to the west of Flagstaff.

2. Hoover Dam – much more than just a big pile of concrete, the simple size of the Hoover Dam is admired. Hoover Dam, built in 1930, is located in northwest Arizona and shares a border of Nevada. Named in honor of former President Herbert Hoover, the Hoover Platinum – one of the largest projects of this time. During a visit to the Hoover Dam, make sure that you visit Lake Mead.

3. Sedona AZ- Located south of Flagstaff, in the country of Red Rock, – this is not one of the best preserved secrets of Arizona. Sedona with & # 39 is home to the elite of Hollywood and Arizona; In Sharon Stone and Al Pacino have homes in Sedona, like John Travolta. Syadona also has some of the most beautiful sunsets and scenic drives in the country. The picturesque landscape of sandstone with red rocks predominate numerous hiking and biking trails. Prerequisites for the procedure, if you go to Sedona include the Solid Rock church and Slide Rock Park. Kill all day sliding down natural rock formations. Being in the Sedona area, make sure that you also visited Jerome and Preskota.

4. Monument Valley Park – Located in the northeastern part of the state, Monument Valley is famous for the legendary battle between Roydnruram and Ville Coyote (Warner Brothers cartoons), as well as the popular desert scene in the movie "Vacation" National Lampoon. The dominant colored plaskagor & # 39; families and Mesa, in some respects, Monument Valley with a & # 39 is facing southwest. The most popular attractions Monument Valley is located in Navajo tribal park on the border of Utah. While in the area, make sure that you are familiar with the sublime Monument Valley in Utah.

5. Lake Havasu, Arizona – in the city of Lake Havasu is home to London Bridge. Imported from England in the 1960s, London Bridge put Lake Havasu on the map. English Village that surrounds the bridge, and only one of the quirks that you'll find in this desert paradise. In this desert oasis are very popular water sports azyarnyya round, off-road driving, spring break and enjoy the action. Located in Lake Havasu City, make sure you are familiar with the Parker Dam, which is located about 30 miles to the south.

6. Lake Powell in Arizona. Lake Powell – an artificial reservoir, which is located in the north of Arizona and shares a border with Yutay. Famous for their "suite" rings around the lake and a beautiful moonscape, vzvyshayuchymi canyons and rock formations. Here, you will find that camping and rental houses – as favorites of tourists. Remove the boat and lose under the stars, being in the national recreation area on Lake Powell Glen Canyon.

7. Falls Havasupai – Havasupai Falls, one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Arizona, period. Located deep in the Grand Canyon, there are four sets of falls: Mooney Falls, Havas Falls Navajo Falls and Beaver Falls. The blue-green water, caused by the high content of minerals, makes waterfalls and natural pools in the atmosphere in the style of a tropical lagoon. Most of us will need to hike to get there, but helicopters go.

8. Painted Desert – Located near the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert is preceded by its title. Its colorful landscape is breathtaking. Viewing drawn desert at sunrise with a & # 39 is optional. Painted Desert is located between the Grand Canyon and a petrified forest, so be sure to click all three during your travels. It is also necessary to see the meteor crater.

9. Tombstone, Arizona – voiced "Town too tough to die." Tombstone with & # 39 is the most famous of the old mining towns in the Wild West. The famous battle in the «OK Corral», as well as some of its legendary residents, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holladay, Tombstone story has been told in many books and films. While in Tombstone, do yourself a favor and visit the Saguaro National Park.

10. Atman, Arizona. Another old mining city that rarely gets the recognition he deserves – Atman, Arizona. Located south of the city of Bullhead, Arizona, this is an old mining town. Now its population is about 100 people. This quaint town is only novelties shops that cater to tourists. But its main attraction – a donkey, hit the streets and popular show skirmish. Most stores sell carrots to feed the donkeys that do not have a problem eating them right out of your hands. If you have children and want to experience a taste of the old west, Oatman – this is a must-see.