The most popular destinations in the US

United States – the most diverse, indulgent and exciting countries in the world, whether you believe it or not, most of the Voyager, visiting the United States, with a & # 39 are tourists who want to witness the blessed lifestyle, carrying a variety of cultural and exciting . natural pleasure scattered on the plateau […]

What are the top 5 medical tourism destinations?

Some countries, who prefer a medical tourist destination, provide all the features and facilities at a lower cost. Experts believe that these areas of medical tourism will have a positive impact on the economy, as well as for the benefit of traders and patients. On the & # 39; reality destinations for medical tourism also […]

Malindi – tourist circuit Tsavo National Park

Kenyan Coast with its natural white sands, coral reefs, excellent fish and warm ocean waters – it is a paradise. Its people have a rich historical culture and very friendly. Some of the highlights that you might expect, see the beaches of the southern and the northern coast, and Wat Malindi, Lamu town and the […]

African safari with Tanzania attractions

Tanzania – a wonderful place with natural reserves and national parks, which are attracted to the country by several people. With regard to the travel and tourism industry, with Tanzania & # 39; it is the leader in Africa. It has beautiful nature reserves and game parks, offers the chance to see all the tourists […]

white Beauty

introduction White area – one of the most remote areas of Sarawak and the largest with an area of ​​19 403.27 square kilometers, where the mega-project gidragidralogii Bokun (BHP). According to forecasts of BHP will provide cheap electricity for the country, and even offered to export to neighboring countries such as Brunei, Indonesia and even […]

Meet the 6 major islands of Hawaii

Hawaii with a great natural beauty ideal for those looking for a relaxing holiday. It is not only suitable for family vacations and private, but also to the & # 39 is the perfect place for a honeymoon. Since Hawaii consists of several islands, visiting this state means that you can also choose which island […]

Tourist Aris – a journey to the Indian roots

Orissa comfortably situated in the south-eastern part of India and has a historical significance against the background of more than a few centuries. He is also known as & # 39; Departed & # 39; and at home in his environment, several tourist attractions, including the world famous Jagannath Temple, Temple of the Sun, Lingarazha […]