Cartagena is calling you

Columbia tourism thrives. After decades of bad press – much of it deserved – Colombia welcomes the world again on its shores.

A large share of visitors today are tourists, those intrepid travelers who are always looking for trade and the subsequent big thing. Columbia offers this pioneer an incredible range of opportunities, from uninhabited Caribbean islands fringed tseruleyami, up to 18,000 feet high mountain peaks to broad Amazonian wilderness.

Returning home, these first visitors are spreading the word: Colombia safe, inexpensive and beautifully addictive.

For the majority of visitors to this ancient land trip to Colombia would not be complete without a visit to Cartagena.

Cartagena has always been the center of the tourist industry and the nation of good reasons: it is a tropical paradise. UNESCO its walled city named on & # 39; World Heritage Site, and the city has more than eleven miles of beaches!

Life through the sluggish heat of the day, but when the sun descends Caribbean rhythms. On the streets pulsate native sounds Kumba . son . tambours and salsa !

El Karalita de P & # 39; EdRa – colonial quarter of Cartagena, surrounded by uplifting walls that were built to protect the city of primitive people. (Remember the final scene in "Ramansavanni stone?") Some parts of the walls date back to 1556 – only 64 years after Christopher Columbus first looked at what was soon named the new world. Fenced city of Cartagena – the perfect place for romance, many of the old stone residences still standing proudly, some are now renovated in cozy restaurants and bars.

Nowadays, most of the visitors also get to the neighborhood of El Lagunita. To meet the demand of local residents and foreign visitors who are looking vpihivanie late at night, Lagunita packed discos and casinos.

Pie de la Popa, another historic environment offers the visitor the opportunity to purchase until the fall. Plaza Caribbean – one of the largest shopping areas of the Caribbean, which occupies almost 20 hectares!

While the Cartagena sent beaches, the most beautiful lies outside the city, including on the island of Baru, with its brilliant white sand. Rosario Islands – the archipelago of Caribbean beauties, some so small that they contain one house. Others, like Bokachytsa, more developed. And although the "little mouth" lacks hotel rooms, it is necessary to look for a day trip. In the small town of Isle stored large STRENGTHENING 17th century, which were built by the Spanish to protect the harbor of Cartagena from pirates and other people who are looking for illegal options. While on Bocachica, try ice-cold beer Aguila and eskargot cooked in coconut milk, local dishes.

Cartagena – a beautiful city to walk limitless when you washed the Caribbean vibrato. But there are a few places that you do not want to miss:

Museo de Oro y Arqueloguia Located on the Plaza de Bolivar, in this museum has a fine collection of gold and pottery from dakalumbiyskay culture there, as well as objects of the colonial era.

Palatsya de la Inquisition : Collection of less charming, but is just as important as in the Museum de Oro. This beautiful old colonial building is an impressive collection of tools used for the application of torture during the Spanish Inquisition.

Cartagena Cathedral It was partially destroyed during the siege laid down Sir Francis Drake, but was rebuilt and completed in 1602.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo about The oldest church in the city. As well as the Cathedral, it was built as a house of prayer and strengthening.

Las Bavedas What a cool idea! Currently, in these old military dungeons shops filled with local crafts.

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas : This "castle" – the largest of the forts built to protect the city from pirates. Do not forget to read the tunnel system that was built for the safe movement of people and supplies to the fort.

Convento de la Popa Located above the Castillo, this old convent is now a zagarazhanyya flowers interior patios and beautiful views of the city. While there, check out the museum of the Virgen de la Kandelyaryi, Kartagenskaga patron saint.