Hiking Machu Picchu – a unique and luxurious experience for your family & # 39; and

While tourists are actively interested in travel and trekking, trips to Machu Picchu are becoming popular day by day. Hiram Bingham built the "Old Peak" in 1911. Since then, this place is always included in the inveterate traveler.

Machu Picchu – where he is in this world?

This fascinating place is worth at an altitude of 2430 meters above sea level. With it comes a shimmering river of Urubamba, which flows through the Andes. It was the brainchild of the Incas, which was built in 1460 BC near the town of Aguas Kalientes. People and people believe that this place was built by the Incas, but they can not imagine how big rocks and boulders located in this place, these people have been moved through the winding mountain terrain.

The story is so unique as the place

It is believed that the founding father of the Incas Inca Pachakutsi developed this site with the sole purpose to worship the Sun God, and use it as an observatory. Previously, it was not a stronghold, but rather the agricultural land. Slopes that you can find here, used for trimming, as well as to protect against outside invaders. Thus, you may find that even the stones found at the site of Machu Picchu, so beautifully situated that even the knife blade could not penetrate through them. It was also an indicator of natural disasters such as an earthquake. Every time to feel the feeling the stones move slightly out of position and returning to its original position.

Machu Picchu – the development of a modern tourist site

Nowadays people often visit this place alone or with your family & # 39; it either within walking tours. This shrine is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also turns the Seven Wonders of the World. With its impressive architecture, enticing sights and secret mysteries, a place with a & # 39 is a must for your bucket list if you are traveling to Peru.

What else can you do when visiting this place

People just do not visit here like the mystic traveler, and there are plenty of other activities that can be done by visiting the ruins. Travel tours are becoming popular, as this citadel seems ideal for hiking, and so tourists never miss such a chance. Although packages for tours is always adjusted to the needs of the traveler, but look for one that has the lowest cost. Plan a trip to your schedule to get an exciting experience.

So pack a bag and go on an excursion to Machu Picchu

You will travel to the town of Aguas Kalientes train. While on the train, you will be delighted by the amazing species of the mountains. You can also open the Inca trail. Therefore pack luggage and backpacks and get ready for a trip to this wonder of the world Machu Picchu.