Holidays in Turkey – the success story continues

Turkish Board of Tourism & Culture (TCCO) reports the invariable success of the country in attracting visitors. In 2010 TCCO shows that more than 28 million visits to the country made international tourists, with 2.7 million of them are from the UK – 10% more than in 2009.

Part of this success can be attributed to the fact that Istanbul was the European Capital of Culture, which provides interest to the attractions of this unique city, which settle the continents of Europe and Asia. However, likely that euro strength (due to a decrease) in most of 2010 means that UK visitors are looking for recreation outside the EU. In Turkey, it was the obvious choice.

Thus – the UK where visitors go? Well, obviously, Istanbul is always important, especially for travelers who are looking for a tourist tour. Most of them begin with Istanbul, where visitors can enjoy a few nights to explore the city and its main attractions – a place of Topkapi, the Blue Mosque and Saint Sophia Church of Saint Patrick. Then the most popular tours take place in the Aegean and Turquoise Coast, with a focus on 5000 years of civilization, indicating in Troy, Pryene, Dydyme, Ephesus, and more.

However, the vast majority of travelers from the UK sent directly to the Muğla region – Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye. In this region, more than 50 Blue Flag beaches, 1,100 km coastline, wonderful climate and plenty of activities and archaeological sites. With direct flights to the region from airports across the UK, it is not surprising that the rest adnatsentrychny massively popular.

Next to the Mugla region of interest, is the Cappadocia region in central Anatolia. The unique landscape in this region, which is comprised of unusual rock formations, as well as many ancient churches carved in stone caves – as well as the underground cities, sometimes deep into 9 levels – always aroused interest. The development of reliable infrastructure, butsikavyh hotels and the opportunity to discover the region in a balloon is a large increase in visits over the last few years. New development – more ecological course version. Called "cross golf", the game uses a dry rocky landscapes of the region, rather than creating individual fairways and greens.

Together with the success, of course, comes the need to preserve the quality of the holiday experience. This stage of development of tourism in Turkey can be traced back to the mid-1980s, when there are rules to control the type of building and amenities are always to be avoided mentality which has overtaken planners. other areas at the time.

As part of the desire to preserve the value and interest to the discerning traveler now TCCO encourages the idea of ​​the cruise "gulet" (yacht). With most of the coast line of Turkey, accessible only by boat, cruise on a yacht – the perfect way to escape the crowds and discover the new and less-developed place.