The difference in Curacao

Excuse me, who, what, where is Curacao? – The question that I asked about a million times.

My reaction would be: Dude, you have not paid much attention to the geography lesson? Caribbean should not be an exception, as you plan to retire ever.

Uh! .. My opinion is true.

Good talk.

For those who are still wondering where is this island, "Koo-rah": somewhere in the Caribbean Sea in the north-eastern Venezuela, near the notorious "Natalee Holloway" land called Aruba.

Curacao is not as popular as the other islands of the Caribbean, and I do tell you why.

Curacao is simply not your average place for the Caribbean. Island consciously chosen not to compete for the main image of the Caribbean Basin sun, sea and sand. Curacao positions itself in different ways. Ask the Tourist Board in Curacao, what to expect and they will be referred to the slogan "Curacao, really different."

But what exactly is different from Curacao?

Curacao chooses diversity and not focus only on the Caribbean fun in the sun. The island boasts a forward-looking, cosmopolitan atmosphere, while retaining its Caribbean charm. This combination makes Curacao quiet unique.

Therefore, Curacao with a & # 39 is an attractive destination for those looking for a sophisticated car & # 39; a career in the romantic Caribbean. Especially young people, who first set foot on Curacao, get frustrated this rich Caribbean island. The old-fashioned way of retirees left the island in the Caribbean. In Curacao, you can start living your dream now, why wait for retirement?

This unique appearance makes this magical island of the Caribbean reality!