A bit of France

France – the country, surrounded by love and romantic mood. France – the country hundreds of pleasant aromas and bright lines of blooming gardens. France is also a & # 39 is home to gourmet dishes. The atmosphere of tenderness, peace and tranquility surrounds French streets. The most famous fashion shows take place in France, and the best couture & # 39; e of the world never get tired creating admiration of this magical country. You will never be able to learn about France's all about the books. France journey can not be completed within a week, month or even year. France fascinates with its mysterious charm, it makes you dream. Weather & # 39; e in France, predictably, no sudden changes in temperature, and the climate is relatively warm.

It is impossible to list all the attractions of France. Perhaps they are more than anywhere else on Earth. Nobody is interested in this architectural heritage as French. Lake, filled with thick fog, quiet and snow-capped Alps, gentle sun on the green meadows – all of this requires you willing to share the secrets of centuries.

French cities live their noisy and active life, especially the capital. Therefore, tours in Paris are so popular among young people. However, paying attention to all the tourists coming from different parts of the world, it is easy to notice people of all ages. Cathedrals, museums and theaters – this is France, where poets write poetry, artists draw pictures, and the actors play the scene. Holidays in France will give you a lot of emotions and will help to understand the meaning of human existence. Here, every day, living a new life. Without a doubt, tourism is booming in France, because it is one of the most visited countries in the world.

French – these are people who are used to surround himself with grace and beauty. Even all holidays are regarded as important events, the organization of which requires a lot of time and effort. New Year in France is definitely one of the most important holidays. On this day, Father Christmas arrives on a donkey to the houses and climbs onto the roof. Penetrating through dymahodnuyu pipe, Santa penetrates inside the house. Santa Claus put all the presents in the shoes that the children carefully hung on the wall near the chimney for a few days to him with a & # 39; appearance. If you celebrate the new ears, some home cooked dinner party serving table wine, wild roasted bird, salads, cookies and candy. Others, who decides to go out, going on a holiday rematch (dinner), which serves restaurants and cafes of Paris and other French cities. For the French, the New Year – is primarily a religious holiday, which means awareness of the importance of Christ's birth.

Tour operator in France will help in choosing the city of their dreams. He is a magician, tries to move you into the incredible world. Own eyes you will see the places that fascinate and penetrate deep into the soul. French hotels will do everything to ensure you comfort of your home. A variety of services will be brought to your attention.

Many resorts in France each year warmly welcome all travelers. Côte d'Azur is the most famous holiday destination in France with such well-known cities such as Nice, Cannes, St. Louis Tropez, Monte Carlo, CAP FERRAT, Az-vilage and Juan-les-Pins. If the life-giving air Alps attracts you so much more than sunny beaches and emerald sea, then you need to visit a French ski resorts such as Avoryyas, Morzine, scum Les Bains, Val Thorens, Courchevel, Tin, Chamonix.

Crystal clear air of the mountains, a mysterious calm environment of nature, dazzling white snow attracts snowboarders from around the world. If you are interested in the Alps and you'd like for some time to get away from civilization, then order the ski tours in France, perhaps it really is what you so long is not enough! Going to a bus tour of France, you will be able to see all the little-known but very interesting places that you probably will not visit on their own.

Visa to France usually issued within 2-3 days. To do this you will need a valid travel passport, one photograph 3 x 4, an internal passport, proof of insurance, proof of employment.

Tour of France – another opportunity to look at the heart of this place and realize that what you have seen so far, was the most beautiful experience of your life.