Summer Festival 2017: Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu – a very popular hill station located in the Aravali range in Rajasthan district of Sirach, at an approximate altitude of 1220 meters above sea level, the highest & # 39; Guru Shikhar & # 39; which reaches a height of 1722 meters.

Holiday for many, Mount Abu in Rajasthan – is not nothing but a magical retreat for people in Rajasthan and Gujarat, which provide them with the weakening of the harsh climate and sticks desert.

At low altitude single hill station in Rajasthan is often called an "oasis in the desert"; here is a series of waterfalls, lakes and streams, and the entire neighborhood encapsulated herbs.

Mount Abu – is an eclectic blend of experience, quite unlike any other place in Rajasthan; providing a sharp contrast with a dry state more than 60% of which – the desert.

Comes the month of May, when a severe impact on the summer royal state of Rajasthan, the only hill station, which is impregnated with the celebration and comes to life. He celebrates the 2-day festival in the month of May, which is called the summer festival and is held every year starting from the date of Paornima Buddha.

Mount Abu marked by steep rocks and pristine lakes. He notes Summer Festival, which is a & # 39 is a celebration of classical music, folk heritage and culture of Rajasthan that provides a wealth of knowledge about the heroic past of the state, his tribe and lives forgotten way of living. This is definitely one of the most popular and colorful festivals throughout the state.

Rajasthan Tourism is organized each year in the Hindu month of Achada, the Summer Festival in the mountains. Abu begins with a soulful singing ballads and trankvilizatsyyay folk dances GAID (folk dance of Rajasthan, which is mainly performed community Bhil) Gomar (folk dance performed veiled woman tribal Bhil) and Gong (People's Act, has its origins back to Har & # 39 ; she made to show the joy).

Then begins the traditional process; Starting at the RTDC Shikhar, then going to march near the lake Naki, where the audience was treated to folk songs and dance performances of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The second day offers plenty of activities, cultural programs and events as well as events such as horse riding, ice skating, uterus & # 39; race, tug of war, show CRPF group and the most famous of all, the race on a boat on a lake Nacka. The most important moment of the first day with & # 39 is Shaam-e-Qawwali, which involved some of the best Indian folk singers and blacksmiths. This long-awaited event, which marked the end of a brilliant fireworks spectacular on the hill, which attracts every tourist.

This year's festival will be held May 9 and 10. Go, make marvelous harmony of colors and love and spend a relaxing vacation on the hill station Mount Abu.