Travel to Bulgaria: What to see

Bulgaria – it is not just sea and sun. This country is famous for its history and culture, museums and picturesque towns, ancient monasteries and modern architecture.

All the attractions of Sofia, its capital, is located in the city center. Here tourists will find a peak minaret of the mosque Banya Bashi and mineral bath with colored tiles on the walls George Rotunda, which is a & # 39 is part of a temple built in the II century, the Church of Sveta Sofia, who named the city its name, and the Church of the Holy Resurrection. The biggest shopping street – Vitosha Boulevard – the place where you can visit the Theological Academy, a historical museum, which stores items Panagyuryshskaga famous golden treasure and numerous gold bowls with images on them mythological subjects. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Nicholas – another great attraction. It was built in memory of Russian soldiers who died during the Russian-Turkish war. Golden domes of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral seen from afar and are reminiscent of the soldiers who died fighting for the freedom of Bulgaria from Ottoman domination.

Varna – one of the oldest cities in Europe, which has its origins in the 6th century BC. Today it is an important industrial and cultural center of Bulgaria. Despite the dynamic development of the economy and the construction of modern office buildings, Varna has many signs of ancient history.

Plevna – another historic city. Historical Museum called "Liberation Plehve in 1877" is located in the same house where Emperor Alexander II met with the defeated Osman Pasha. A South Hill, a place of heavy fighting, turned into a museum-park Skobelevskaya. On a hilltop overlooking the city, it was created by another museum – panorama Plevenskaga epic battle. Nowadays Plevna – beautiful populous city, many streets which on & # 39; shown in pedestrian zones.

Fragments of an ancient amphitheater, the basilica and the city forum preserved Plovdove. The theater was recently restored, and is a place of different performances. The interest of tourists is the clock tower, a mosque built during the Turkish rule. The medieval streets of the Old Plovdiv attracted many visitors who enjoy the cozy atmosphere of this place. More than 200 buildings of the Old Town were declared historical monuments.

Large Tarnovo, the ancient capital of the Bulgarian Empire, widely admired. The picturesque town situated on high hills when razravnyavsya with Byzantine Constantinople and became the center of the revival of Bulgaria. Today, it impresses visitors with its architectural monuments. Preserved samples of the brilliant architecture: the Church of the Forty Holy Martyrs and St. Mary's Church. Mary and St Peter's Cathedral and St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral.

The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria – a popular place for beach tourism. Bulgaria was one of the main resorts in the socialist countries of Eastern Europe. In the 1990s, the industry experienced a downturn, but now it is developing rapidly. Most tourists come from Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. The most popular Bulgarian resorts are chornamorskih Albena, Golden Sands, Riviera, Church of Sts. Constantine and Elena, Sozopol and Rubinov Egrek. The most famous resorts – Velingrad, Sandanski and Gisar. In winter, tourists go to the ski resorts of Bansko, Borovets and Pamporava. Bulgaria – a country that relies on its tourism and seeks to develop it as soon as possible.