Karnataka – temples, adventure and much more

Karnataka – a state blessed with natural reserves, world heritage sites, cascading waterfalls and pristine beaches. In Karnataka, there are five regions, namely Kavvery pool in the southern part of Karnataka, Karnataka Central, loaves – the coastal Karnataka region Karnatatsy North and North-West Karnatatsy. Capital of the state with the & # 39 is Bengaluru. […]

The adventure begins in Ecuador

The geological situation of Ecuador, located on the equatorial line, making it diverse and unique country. He boasts the highest number of flora and fauna per square kilometer in the world, and more than 18% of the area declared a protected country. Ganaryvshysya many ecosystems, it makes it an ideal place for adventure travel of […]

Darjeeling holiday packages

Darjeeling, a beautiful village with fragrant tea gardens, steep mountain ranges, vast green meadows, cascading waterfalls, evergreen pines, fragrant rhododendron, etc. miss. Darjeeling holiday packages – a joy which is selected holiday makers who want to escape the hectic city life and enjoy relaxing in the quiet and serene around Mother Nature. The mesmerizing hill […]

Koh Samui island getaway

ka Samui It is about eighty kilometers from the east coast of Thailand. Samui is surrounded by other islands of the Ang Thong. On the other traveler who arrives in Samui, they fall in love with Koh Samui. Many travelers visiting Samui, like a wonderful atmosphere, which can be found on Samui. From almost every […]

Route 66 – What's all the same fuss?

For many, Route 66 in their blood – they grew up on the old highway, traveled the road with their parents when they were children, or perhaps even pumped gas at one of the old gas station, who knew exactly what the term "customer support". For others, they are nostalgic like me – "old souls," […]